CHARTER NIGHT:  November 8, 1984    

Local 80 is born

Red Deer Catholic Local #80


November 8, 1984

On November 8, 1984, Red Deer Separate School Local #80 officially became a member of the Alberta Teachers’ Association. Teachers with Red Deer Roman Catholic Separate School District gathered to celebrate the official ceremony, commemorating the formation of their local. Prior to this time, Red Deer Separate School Local #80 teachers were members of Red Deer Local #60. (Red Deer Public’s Local.)

Local President Ben Cej opened the ceremonies and welcomed guests and members. Mayor Bob McGee of Red Deer extended greetings of welcome and congratulations from the City of Red Deer. Chairman of the School Board, Mr. Gordon Deck, offered words of praise to teachers in their initiatives on forming the local. Mrs. Dorothy Stanley welcomed Local #80 into the Central West District of the ATA. Representing the ATA, Mrs. Nadine Thomas brought congratulations from Barnett House and presented Mr. Cej with the Charter for the new local. At this time Mr. Cej expressed his thanks for the participation and enthusiasm shown by new local executive and members.

Mrs. Patricia Rouselle, former teacher and board member of Red Deer Separate, as well as past organizer of ATA activities in Red Deer spoke as historian on the development of Catholic Education in Red Deer.

Retirees from Red Deer Separate were represented by Mrs. Regina Shepetys, Sister Denise and Mrs. Rita Smith.

Contributed by Mel Eklund